The ultimate fitness routine!

The ultimate fitness routine!

I’m so sad that I missed World Gin Day this year.

I did a bit of research and found out 5 great facts about gin.

  1. Gin is natural. It is generally made from a neutral grain alcohol and flavoured with distilled botanicals with the main one being juniper. Other botanicals could include flavours like cinnamon, almond, licorice, citrus peel, coriander.
  2. There are a squillion different flavours of gin and a skilled gin distiller knows how to balance the flavours. It’s worth trying lots of gin to find the one you like best… challenge accepted!
  3. Gin is the national beverage of England but it was first made in Holland and the Phillippines drinks more of it per annum than any other nation.
  4. James Bond.
  5. Gin can be used for medicinal purposes:
    In 1269, the first major mention of juniper-based health-related tonics appeared in a Dutch publication. Ever since, gin has had a history of being used “for medicinal purposes.” The Royal Navy mixed gin with lime cordial to stop scurvy, and angostura settled the stomach at sea. Tonic water with quinine was anti-malarial, giving them a great excuse to drink more gin and tonics.


So then I thought, if it can be used for medicinal purposes, that makes it healthy…

Many thanks to Tonic Lane Neutral Bay for the inspirational video below.


I will be ready for next year.

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